The Wild Roamer ep.8: objectification

As a conclusion to these videos, we'll tackle the notion of objectification, which is used a lot these days with variable accuracy.



The Wild Roamer ep.7: romance & sex

Last but not least : this time is all about the warm kind of relationship between player, player-character, and non-player-character.



The Wild Roamer ep.6: slavery

Why it is so fun to control NPCs, and why the world needs slave market simulator.



The Wild Roamer ep.5: the thrill of the hunt

This time we differenciate hunters, trappers and poachers, seeing how games treat the difference.



The Wild Roamer ep.4: urban terrorism

Where games and politics go boom.



The Wild Roamer ep.3: voyeurism & stalking

Taking a peek into scopophilia and harassment of virtual characters.



The Wild Roamer ep.2: masNOTchism

Dismissing the idea that enjoying violence towards the player character is masochism.



The Wild Roamer ep.1: sadism 101

Introduction to sadism and application to gaming.



The Wild Roamer ep.0: the what and the why

Introduction to this new series of videos about enjoying sadism and other dubious activities in gaming.




This is my second (and so far, last) flash movie, made back in 2006. Animators among you might be interested in knowing it was entirely made with a mouse. Fun fact : it was made before the rise of Facebook and these "Like" buttons everywhere. I only wish it would take less time to make some more...

Enjoy :)



In the mud

This is my first flash movie, made back in 2005. I took pleasure in twisting the common message about drugs with that sigh at the end — not many people notice, but hey, one's got to learn. Here again, entirely made with a mouse.


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